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Celebrate You - 27.04.19

So let’s get straight into it! We all need self-care!

On 27th April Mummy’s Day Out hosted a beauty and lifestyle event at the beautiful Camel London Studios. This event was called ‘Celebrate You’ and aimed to channel our oh so busy minds to for just a moment to celebrate ourselves and give back to ourselves.

Prosecco on arrival helped set the mood of ‘phew the kids aren’t here’ and immediately brought out comments like ‘let’s make the most of it’ or ‘I deserve this’.

As usual, being the host the reality of trying to do makeup and get everything ready crept up on me like the tide on a summer night so leaving the house without makeup was necessary (although I pretended this was always my plan lol)

Once mums started arriving a warm atmosphere grew quite quickly and the child-free banter began to flow.

Rewind to putting the event together:

If I am honest I needed this event for me because self-care is important … but what is it? You see all the glitzy posts about self-care and immediately attach it to spa days and weekends away… the reality for many is that this is not possible. I thought to myself what do a few hours of self-care look like? What would be a barrier?

Immediately the barrier of childcare came to mind and thankfully we got this covered by providing discounted childcare from @bubblebabysittingapp.

The venue had to be different, nice and fresh which is exactly what @camellondoncreatives offered. Owned by the outstanding beauty & lifestyle blogger @chanelambrose it couldn’t have been a better match of event to the venue. The team at Camel London Studio didn’t only meet our needs they went over and above to ensure we had everything in order for the day.

During the run up to the event everything was set and the line-up of speakers was just too ‘lit!’ Until a slap of reality hit me. My own self-care came before the event. The date was getting closer and being the ‘mumpreneur’ I am, I tried to fit everything into one week of my entire year. I told myself continuously it would be fine despite being absolutely petrified about how this would pan out. I had a speaking engagement in America, a funeral which was a 3 day event, an award ceremony, all while dealing with the emotions of being away from the kids on my own for the first time and stopping breastfeeding. A lot I know!

I decided this was just too much. I felt convicted to postpone the event… something I had NEVER done before. I posted about this on the Insta-feed and the floods of supportive messages made me so sure that I had made the right decision.

Back to the event…

So, lead us through two mini make up tutorial sessions which were relevant to all women in the room no matter where they sat on the ‘I can do makeup’ scale. Questions flooded in and the ever so attentive @annienimz broke it down inclusive of product lists and techniques to use.

@nutrifitchick came to let us know that we can support our self-care through what we allow to enter our bodies nutritionally and Natalie from Forever living.

We had a break and the food spread by @golden_treassures was absolutely yummy… and of course more prosecco was enjoyed as the women mingled not forgetting the mini massages from @your_topia.

After the break we resumed and boy oh boy were we in for a self-care shocker… feminine care… a topic only my Grandma seems to want to talk about whenever I call her. @yonililuvjourney opened our minds to caring for our wombs, vaginas and overall feminine hygiene through natural methods. I’m not giving it all away but trust me after that talk we all ran to purchase items and gain more knowledge – dubbing the table where @yoniluvjourney was set up as the ‘vag-shop’.

By this time it had slowly started to become clear that self-care can be anything you want it to be. Placing YOU at the centre.

@lbs4peace brought us back to our seats and shared her heartwarming experiences with her weight loss journey. Having loss the equivalent of two bags of the arm numbing rice (yup the one your mum made you carry). @lbs4peace let us know the importance of losing weight for you and making lifestyle changes instead of dieting.

To close we engaged in a meditation session with the fabulous @goodtomeuk, honestly it was a great end to the event. We had a chance to pull all we had heard together and really spend time thinking about our ourselves. Do you even ever have time to think, let alone about yourself?

Take Action!

The greatest challenge I personally find is leaving great events and then putting into practice what you have learnt. So with this evet I decided to be intentional by adapting my wake up and bedtime routine to include 4 things I do each day…

  • READ

  • PRAY



At night time I add time to reflect on what went well during the day and what I would improve from just that day. I have also become more vocal on what I need e.g. sometime on my own to which I rushed off to experience going to the cinema on my own… it was actually great despite years of me thinking going to the cinema was just weird lol.

Here's to better self-care!

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