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Mama Goes To Work

We are pleased to announce the launch of our upcoming project 'Mama Goes to Work'. This project is to support Black and Brown mothers who are seeking to enter employment after having a child or want to develop their skills and confidence to return to employment. 

Mamas will gain the skills and confidence needed to begin their journey back into employment, and have the support of a community of other mothers who have been through or are on the same journey.

If you need assistance in finding employment, training and or support to progress into your chosen career, please complete an expression of interest form. 


What We Will Offer

Workshops around building employment skills including applying for jobs, social media to apply for jobs (Linkedin), CV workshops, interview skills and others.

Mother Working from Home

Workshops and Training

Topics: vision board making

Confidence Building 

Becoming an entrepreneur

Goal setting

Pre-course information sessions

Better Confidence in Interviewing and Networking

and much more...


Job Matching

Coming soon

Job Interview
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